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Physician Referral Program

Do your patients need more support than you have time to provide?

Are you frustrated that you don't have enough time to support and educate your patients more closely on healthy habits and behavior change?


Are your patients frustrated because they need more hand-holding and accountability than you have time to give?


As a doctor, your time is a premium. In your patient encounters, you may only have time to make recommendations and outline a plan ... but some of your patients need close support and assistance in actually implementing that plan. 

That's Exactly Where We Come In..

My name is Dr. Billine Jourdan, a Florida Licensed Clinical Psychologist. I own a group private practice that specializes in trauma recovery. As a licensed professional, I am in a unique position to educate and treat patients struggling in the aftermath of a trauma.

Our team specializes in treating patients with a history of trauma and experiencing trauma related symptoms. If your client is progressing with medication, they would likely benefit from therapy to learn specific skills needed to manage their symptoms. Complete the physical referral form below and your patient will immediately get an email and text alerting them to schedule their free mental health consultation. 

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What's Included:

  • Immediate Outreach: Within minutes of submitting our HIPPA compliantreferral form, your patient will be notified to schedule a consultation. Fast and secure.

  • Free mental health consultation: We collect information and understand your patient's presenting problem. We will discuss with them how therapy would be a good fit and ways they would benefit.

  • Diagnostic Clarification: Cant seem to determine a diagnosis? We will do this for you. We will also communicate and explain the diagnosis to your patient in words they will understand.

  • Treatment Planning & Recommendations: We help your patient identify SMART goals and obstacles to reaching their goals. We will explain how medication adherence and therapy will help them reach these goals.

  • Evidenced Based Treatment: Research based treatment is used to ensure positive patient outcomes, monitor change through assessment, and increase adherence. Patients learn skills for behavioral and cognitive change that will lead to overall wellness.

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What Next?

We can help you support your patients through their trauma recovery. The first step is completing the safe, secure, and HIPPA compliant, physician referral form. 

1. Your patient will immediately receive an email and text message

to schedule a free 15 min mental health consultation. 

2. During their consultation call their insurance will be verified and prompted to schedule their first therapy appointment. 

Physician Referral Form