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Prior to COVID19, Online Therapy or Online Counseling was very rarely spoken about. Most therapists and their clients were used to meeting in office. Despite the challenges that come with commuting: traffic, taking time off work or school, having to find a babysitter, etc. most accepted this as the norm and went with it. However, when COVID19 hit, it created a greater need for mental health services and required psychologists and mental health providers to step up and do what most are reluctant to do…change. But as we often tell our clients, change is good. It can be a great opportunity and can be amazing if you allow it to be. And here we present, Online Therapy. 

Online therapy, which if often called, telehealth or virtual therapy, became popular as a way to increase safety and to adhere to government precautions. But as we have now seen, it has much greater utility than that and will likely be the future of counseling for many years to come. 

Online therapy is a great way for people struggling with mental health concerns to get the care they need in the comfort of their own home. Many barriers to treatment are solved when you can meet with your therapist virtually. Some examples include:

1)    In couples therapy sessions, where couples would have to be present in the same room, can now be done with couples in separate locations.

2)    In family sessions, where the parents do not live together, both parents are able to support their child from different places.

3)    College students, who have back-to-back classes, with an hour break in between, can jump online and meet with their therapist about their ADHD symptoms and procrastination issues without having to miss out on their class. 

4)    The work at home parent, who keeps hearing about the importance of self-care, can now take time away to connect with their therapist, without having to hire a baby sitter.

5)    The career minded worker, who only has an hour lunch break, can finally figure out why their core belief of “I don’t matter” keeps them in a job where they are underappreciated. 

6)    The disabled veteran, who has difficulty with transportation, can finally connect with a therapist to work on their PTSD symptoms. 

7)    The depressed client, who just doesn’t have the motivation or energy to shower, get dressed, let alone, leave their house, is able to log on to a session to learn steps to increase their activity levels throughout the day. 

8)    The patient suffering from social anxiety no longer must sit in a crowded waiting room that triggers symptoms they are coming in to get treated. 

9)    The person who’s recent DUI charge left them without a license can now obtain substance abuse treatment without the hassle of dealing with transportation issues. 

10) The person who has been ashamed to seek mental health services because of fear of judgement can now be seen in a confidential capacity. 

The list goes on and on. But it is very clear that online therapy is a reliable, convenient, and safe way to receive the care that you need. As a matter of fact, research supports that online therapy is just as reliable as face-to-face therapy.  

So here are some things you should expect during your online counseling session. 

What to expect from us: 

1)    We will send you a link through the client portal to connect at your appointment time. 

2)    The connection of sound and video will be stable

3)    We will start on time

What we will expect from you

1)    A reliable internet connection – There is nothing worse than a frozen screen. 

2)    A working audio and video connection – Don’t be shy, we need to see your face. 

3)    To be in a safe location – this means no driving. If you do happen to be on the road during your therapy session you will need to pull over or reschedule. We don’t want to risk anyone getting hurt.

4)    To be in a quiet and secure location – Though it is often difficult finding a quiet space at home or at work, it might be beneficial to find a place where no one is around. This will allow you to be able to speak freely and get the most out of your sessions. 

5)    Dressed appropriately – At least from the waist up. 

6)    To be present at least 5 minutes prior to the session to make sure everything is working properly. 

This is a very exciting journey you are about to embark on. We know you will find success here. We look forward to working with you. Don’t leave before scheduling a consultation with us. 

Congratulations on taking this first step!


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