Partners & Associations

Here at Breakthrough we strive to connect with some of the best whole health programs and businesses in Florida. We want you to feel as if you have all the tools you need to live a successful, meaningful, and purpose driven life.


5X Fitness Lounge 

5X Fitness develops and implements strength and conditioining,therapeutic fitness,fat loss programs to repair and strengthen the total mind and body.I am here to provide you with the tools you need to take your health to the next level while also teaching you importance of your overall health and how taking a proactive approach at fitness can be your first line of defence in your long term healthcare.


EMDR Educators of Florida

By providing an empowering creative EMDR training experience ,EMDR Educators equip clinicians to transform the lives of their clients and careers .Within a safe and supportive learning environment clinicians get to harness their creativity and explore the power of EMDR therapy as they gain and practice new transformative skills.EMDR can add incridible richness to your work and your practice.


The Nutrition Clinic

A nutrition private practice located in Port St Lucie,Florida providing nutrition counseling to childern and adults. We believe in the "non-diet" approach taht focuses on delicious food for everyday living.We do not emphasize calories,carbs,fats- although they do matter. Unlike other plans and experts that is emphasize diet,our focus is centered on fostering healthy eating habits for the long term.