I Need to Know This! – Core Beliefs

What is your core belief?

A core belief is a belief that someone has about themselves that they developed when they were very young or as a result of a significant life event. It’s a way of seeing yourself, others, and the world and usually directs almost every single aspect of your life.

A core belief helps you to identify what career path to go on, how many kids you’ll have, whether or not to go on vacation, or what kind of parent you’ll be. It helps you to determine what things matter to you, how to live your life, what’s important and what isn’t. The two most common core beliefs that people develop are: “I don’t matter” and “I’m not good enough”.

Why is it important to identify your core belief?

1) To increase control over your life and decisions. When we are not aware of our core belief it tends to unconsciously dictate our decisions for us. For example, those with the core belief of “I don’t matter” often go into a helping profession like counseling or teaching. You often do much more than you are compensated for or marry someone who treats you as if you don’t matter.

2) To prevent or lessen the impact of triggers. When someone’s core belief is triggered, it causes a lot of problems. For example, you may get extremely angry when someone cuts you off on the highway, or when a loved one forgets to call. You may find yourself becoming extremely depressed when your spouse forgets your birthday or explosive if you don’t get recognized for your work on a project. The reaction is usually way beyond what the situation calls for.

If you feel as if your feelings are out of proportion to the events of your life, your core belief is probably being triggered. We need to identify what it is and work on changing it. Get matched with a counselor today and begin the process of self-discovery.

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