Just Do It

JUST DO IT!” as Nike’s slogan states. Stop waiting for the ideal moment to do THAT thing! Use what is available to you to get the job done. A lot of time, creativity is birthed when we are faced with the challenge to complete a task without all the materials. I know that’s especially true in my life that I’d put off doing things just because I don’t feel like I have what it takes or due to a lack of resources. At times, I lack confidence even though I’m brimming with passion.

What do you do when you’re lacking resources?

I tailor my expectations and align them with the resources I do have. Does this mean I am settling and not dreaming big? Absolutely, not! While some of us can be dreamers, we also need to be realistic. A healthy balance of realism and idealism is the right combination to possess. Remember, it is better to move at a snail’s pace than to not move at all. Slow progress is still progress.

Example: In the pictures below, I had to find a way to take them without a tripod. My camera was propped up on a barstool in various angles as I tried earnestly to get the right shot. Again, use what is available to you. This post may talk about something as trivial as a lack of a tripod when your situation is much direr, but the same principle applies. Whatever it is you are needing to do, don’t let a lack of resources stop you from your goal.

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