Terrance Tyrrell Turner, MS


Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do Consistently.

I received my college education through California University where I received my M.S. in Exercise science and Health Promotion’s. I also attend Youngstown State University where I received dual B.S. degrees in Exercise science and Psychology.

I’m originally from Pittsburgh PA, I moved to Florida 7 years ago to enjoy the amazing weather and further my passion for extending lives through fitness, health and wellness.

I have worked in a variety of fitness and health settings such as fitness centers, physical therapy practices, respiratory therapy practices, chiropractic offices and also your daily basic gyms. The fitness industry has been my passion for 19 years working with a wide variety of individuals. From college and high school student athletes, weight loss clients, pre and post surgery patients, post physical therapy and chiropractic patients, Cancer, diabetic, cardiovascular, as well as everyday people.

Fitness has always been a passion of mine growing up. As a youth I was infatuated in playing sports such as football, baseball and basketball. After playing college football, and professional football I learned how to coach and bring individuals to the peak of their abilities through teamwork, fitness and coaching.

Fitness has helped show me the meaning of an achievable path when actions are taken in a disciplinary way that supports a desired outcome. Fitness has helped me comprehend that things we aspire for in life are not as far off as our minds project them to be. Improving in fitness has helped me develop confidence that transfers over to every part of my life. I believe fitness; no matter the goal should enhance your life and not take over it.

My mission is to help, as many individuals become the most confident, fit, and self-believing version of themselves by assisting them in becoming stronger and fit.

5X fitness develops and implements strength and conditioning, therapeutic fitness, fat loss programs to repair and strengthen the total mind and body.


Corrective Exercise, Strength and conditions, Speed and Endurance, Fat loss, Stretching & flexibility enhancement, Injury prevention


Family, Weight training, Movies, Travel


CES – Corrective Exercise Specialist

CPT-Certified Personal Trainer

NASE- National association of Speed and Endurance

CES – Cancer exercise specialist

CSP – Certified stretch practitioner